Facebook is one of the most popular platforms that offer many business growth opportunities. With this large number of active users, businesses can boost their online presence and also facebook post scheduler generate more revenue through Facebook posts. The problem with Facebook, however, is that it is a highly competitive social media platform.

While this may be true, you don't necessarily have to resort to paid advertisements to reach more audiences. You can start by taking advantage of a more organic reach through the use of a Facebook post scheduler.

A Facebook post scheduler can help small business owners post regularly without spending extra time and other content creation resources. This way, business owners can compete with more prominent brands on Facebook.

There are various ways you can use the Facebook post scheduler, depending on the purpose of your post. Here are seven ways you can use the Facebook post scheduler to get more audience organically.

1. Schedule Your Content in Advance

Facebook post scheduler can help you save time and get more out of it. First, you must create a draft post to use this Facebook feature. Once you create a draft post, a scheduler allows you to upload an image or video and write a post for the content. After you have created a draft post, you can choose the date and time you want the post to be published.

Using a Facebook post scheduler, you don't have to think about the time you want your post published. Instead, you can create this schedule and skip worrying about it until the day the scheduled post is published.


2. Tap Into The Best Times For Posting

You must understand that the time you post on Facebook matters greatly. In fact, there is research that shows that posting time affects Facebook's organic reach.

With a Facebook post scheduler, you can even tap into the best times for posting. Facebook has a tool that you can use to view the times of the day when you get the most engagement on your page. By taking advantage of a post scheduler, you can schedule your post to be published during the time when you are most active on your page and get more reach to your audience.

3. Be Prompt In Responding To Comments and Direct Messages

The Facebook post scheduler is not just for scheduling posts. You can also be notified about the messages you get from your Facebook account, which allows you to autopilot your replies and answers to your direct messages or comments. You can also set reminders so that you don't miss any interactions.

In this way, you can manage your interactions more effectively to prevent missing any chance of engagement with your audience.

4. Add Media to Your Posts

Adding a picture or a video to your post can increase your organic reach significantly. The Facebook post scheduler as a social media analytics tool allows you to add a picture or a video to the post that you scheduled. With this feature, you can create a visual and engaging post that can catch your audience's attention.

In this way, you can reach more audiences without paying for ads.


5. Measure Your Performance

Once you have posted your content, you can use the Facebook post scheduler to see the results of your efforts. You can use this tool to see the number of impressions and reach your post received. This way, you can measure your performance so that you can find out the effectiveness of the post you made.

For example, you can compare how many people have visited your page after reading your post. You can determine what time is the best time to schedule your post and the best day to schedule your post based on the performance of your scheduled posts.

You can also check which posts have the highest number of shares with social media planner, comments and reactions. With this information, you can determine the type of content that you should post more frequently or do the opposite.


With these seven ways, you can use the Facebook post scheduler more effectively to expand your reach. This way, you can manage your Facebook activities more effectively and create engaging and visual posts that can be delivered on time every time without fail.

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