Web Scraper

for easy posting in social media accounts

Use Web scraper to enable the user to fetch the content and images from target sites.

Web Scraper

Social Media Planning Tool with Web Scraper

Web scraper enables the user to fetch the content, images and use them for social media posts

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ninjaseo bot

NinjaSEO Bot

Save time by using the NinjaSEO Chrome Extension Bot to scrape large volumes of data from any website at any scale without writing any code.

scrape images

Scrape Images

Fetch the relevant images from target sites with ease to use for social media posts.

content scraper

Content Scraper

Get the relevant content from target sites hassle free to save time and use it for social media posts.



Select text and photos with a single click, enhancing your digital content strategy to meet your social media goals, by saving a lot of time.

What is Web Scraper?

Web scraping is a way of extracting information from the web. It is typically used by software applications to gather data for automated tasks, but it can also be done manually with the use of browser extensions or specialized software. This technique is commonly used by large corporations, news sites, and social media websites.

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