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Agile CRM, our all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) solution successfully fulfilled many needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to market and sell like the Fortune 500. On top of features such as sales enablement, marketing automation, and customer service, it offered advanced features like social listening for Twitter. This was very helpful for businesses to protect their brand reputation, quickly alleviate customers’ concerns, and more.

Once we noticed the extraordinary benefits our customers were experiencing with social listening capabilities on Twitter, we realized we may be able to offer with social media management software.

The Problem

We had a successful means to offer social listening on Twitter, but no other social media management software. Plus, we wanted to see what other social media management software functionalities could be beneficial. So, we started interviewing our customers and conducting surveys for social media managers to see what problems they currently had with their solutions.

Many users surveyed stated scheduling their content was important to them, for the sake of consistency. The ability to analyze stats for all their social media platforms in a central location was also often mentioned. This was important to them in order to see if their social media marketing strategy was effective.

Social Media Management

A common theme among our teams and our customers was needing the ability to find users by hashtags and mentions along with being able to track their own hashtags and mentions. It had also been mentioned that a media library from which to pick various media for posts would be ideal.

It became clear to us that our customers were looking for more than a few extra features. They needed a full-fledged social media management software.

We had considered adding all of these features to our Agile CRM software but realized that it was going to be more cost-effective to provide a new solution.

The Requirements

Here are some of the primary requirements determined:

  1. Consistency: It was important to maintain consistency in message, tone and timing on all social media accounts.

  2. Effective lead generation: Engaging with customers was important in order to gain useful leads.

  3. Cost-effective: An affordable solution that wouldn’t break the bank was important as well.

  4. Time-saving: Marketing automation features that could save time would increase the benefits of a tool greatly.

  5. Comprehensive analysis: Analytics for all social media platforms was an important feature to include in the solution.

  6. Social media listening: The need to monitor brands, competitors, etc. is a feature we didn’t want to lose in the mix.

  7. Available for popular social media platforms: The solution needed to manage all of the most popular social media accounts in one place.

Primary Requirements

It was time to find a cost-effective solution that would include all of the basic social media management functions and add the additional features we deemed important based on feedback from our internal teams and our customers.

The Solution

Ultimately, we decided to build a solution that had more features at an affordable price. That’s when HipSocial social media management software was born.

HipSocial is a solution that focuses on lead generation, scheduling content, social listening, and analytics. Lead generation was a popular request from our customers, and we delivered.

HipSocial is a Solution

For example, customers could search for Twitter users who had previously mentioned their competitors and create a Twitter list surrounding those users. The solution also allows you to bulk “follow” those Twitter users who could potentially become a lead for their business. The same can be accomplished with keywords as well.

We also created Smart Finder and automation to build a more targeted following. HipSocial also allows it’s users to post consistently engaging content for their audiences by scheduling content up to months in advance, even at optimal times in different time zones.

This social media management software includes the ability to monitor brand reputations, competitors, trending topics, and much more. Customers can create content using the information that’s relevant and engaging to your audience.

Of course, listening for comments and concerns so you can immediately tend to them also protects brands and increases customer satisfaction. Additionally, HipSocial allows you to analyze how your content is performing with reports and URLs tracking.

Try HipSocial today with our 30-day free trial, so you can see for yourself how your growing SMB can benefit from engaging content and detailed insights into your competitors and target audience!

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