<p>Most small business owners think that simply posting on social media is enough to create brand recognition... They publish content as often as they remember to, and then they go days or even weeks without engaging their audience on social media. Social media, however, has become an integral part of successful content marketing, and digital marketing more broadly. Regardless of your industry, it’s safe to assume that your competitors are investing considerable resources into their social strategies.

Why is Social Media Management Tool Required?

Success on social media requires more than the passive approach common in many companies around the world. There’s more to it than just posting content across multiple networks and there, especially when we move into the area of Corporate social media management, it can be overwhelming.

If you’re the person working on social media as an owner or professional, you must have concrete social strategies to boost those key performance indicators (KPIs) most important for your company or organization’s image on social media.

It’s easy to forget in a world driven by results and performance that your brand’s goals on social media should revolve around the audience. Your audience is there to benefit from the products, services, and content you distribute. They consume content from your brand’s social media accounts to enrich their own lives.

With that said, strategy is still crucial. And while strategy is essential, it’s equally important to choose the software that best suits your brand’s unique needs and challenges. There’s a seemingly endless stream of apps and solutions available on the market, but they’re not all created equal, and they’re not all designed for Corporate social media management.

And so, our experts at HipSocial compiled several key points you should take into consideration before investing in a new tool.

10 Tips to Choose the Best Corporate Social Media Management System

1. Know Your Goals

Before purchasing a social media management app, it’s important to have a clear idea of your brand’s goals for the near future. Goals are not exclusive to corporate social media management, but they’re often overlooked. It’s important to note that your goals should guide your strategy, not the other way around. If you initiate social campaigns without clear goals for each campaign, you’ll have a difficult time monitoring the performance of those campaigns as you won’t know which KPIs to monitor.

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Document clear goals. What do you want to achieve through these goals? Your goals may be to increase brand image, boost lead generation, or increase traffic or sales. Whatever your goals, they should be well documented, and each campaign should have its own unique goals.

2. Scheduling Posts

Whichever software you choose, it should allow you to schedule posts in advance. If the tool has a content scheduler feature it will be easy for you to schedule posts at optimal posting times and glean valuable insights from each campaign.

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3. Hashtags and Influencers

Always look for a tool that offers services like providing hashtags while curating content. Perhaps you know that influencer marketing is creating a buzz everywhere. Make sure they provide an influencer search feature that allows you to connect to your audience and drive more traffic to your website.

4. Curating Quality Content

Look for a tool that can help your business in its goal to produce high-quality content. It should not only offer tools for creation but also curation. Your provider should be able to offer services like monitoring, scheduling, and analysis which will give your content a competitive boost.

5. Social Listening

Choose a tool that has robust social listening and monitoring features. Social media listening helps you identify trends around the brand and even helps you curate the kind of content that’s trending and most engaging for users. Social media listening identifies opportunities to promote the brand in every possible way.

6. Pricing

Always consider your budget before making any business investments. This is as true in marketing as it is in any other department. Depending on your team size and the features you require, you should be able to choose the right corporate tool for your budget. Before buying, you should always try a free version and exhaust all the features and technical support to ensure the tool will provide the necessary support for your brand.

Manage your Accounts with a Social Media Management Tool

7. Campaign Management

Before purchasing the tool, make sure that it has social media campaign management that allows you to plan and execute campaigns with greater efficiency. Ask the vendor if you have any questions about campaign management.

8. Content Formats

The tool should support gifs, videos, images, text, and other types of visual content. This selection of features should be standard with most corporate social media management solutions, but it doesn’t hurt to double-check. Make sure you choose a tool that supports all the formats you use regularly to ensure a smooth transition to the new software.

9. Analytics

You can’t measure what you can’t see. Without advanced data collection and reporting, you can’t properly optimize campaigns or any other element of your workflow. Through the social media analytics feature, you can monitor post-performance and get detailed analytics reports of the same.

10. Geo-Tracking Tools

Large businesses should be very careful when posting to social media when the target is location-relevant. For example, whatever you are posting to India may be misunderstood in the United States. In such a scenario, geo-targeting options must be available in the social media management tool.

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