<p>Social media is the most popular way to engage an audience. These facts make social media very crucial to businesses and people who want or need to be heard. It is revered mainly because of the immediate engagement and response it promises. To get this level of social media impressions, you need traffic or followers in a more contemporary vocabulary.

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is simply the number of people who get to see your content without any social bosting. The concept of social boosting is paying to get your content to show on people's – non-followers – timelines. You can also do social boosting with the help of paid promotions or ad targeting options. However, it would help if you take note that social boosting is not organic traffic.

Sources Of Organic Traffic

Sources of organic traffic

There are three significant sources of organic traffic:

  • Direct traffic: This type of traffic comes directly to your website or social media platform. Without having clicked on a link on another website or without a third-party referrer.

  • Social traffic: Refers to the traffic directed to your online representation from other social media websites.

  • Email traffic: Comes from people who clicked your link through the mail.

There are other types of traffic regarded generally as the 'other' traffic. They do not fit into any of the parameters above.

Now that we have dealt with the general basis of all organic traffic. Let us dig fully into the potent organic traffic sources to give you the social media representation you want.

Ten Tactics to Boost Your Organic Traffic on Social Media

organic traffic

With more than 3.5 billion of the world's population engaging with social media, social media impressions have been the driving force of business websites. Hence, why you need to learn how to build an excellent social media presence with these ten powerful nuggets.

1. Social Media Planner

A social media plan is a crucial part of the growth strategy of a website or platform. It is a detailed plan that includes a planned-out content calendar and a plethora of automation tools. A social media planner is used to track the performance metric of each post. It helps to plan to maximize the social media impression it attracts. You might regard this as an outside tactic to get the social media presence you want, but as the saying goes, "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail." Get a social media planner now; that's the first step of the journey.

2. Right and Catchy Content

Posts with visuals such as images and videos have significantly more vital social media impressions. They do better than posts that are just a clammy block of text. As people always say, "a picture is worth a thousand words." For better social media impressions, a video is worth much more. Social media today is burgeoning with social videos on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Converting your content into catchy videos is a social media strategy. Using videos will increase your engagement because your audience loves to interact with content that engages them.

3. Choose Quality Content Over Quantity

Make quality content. When you make quality content, you make positive impressions on those who consume your content. Not only that, content ranking algorithms will rank your content high. A highly rated post gets deeper social media impressions. A highly rated post will, in turn, helps the social media platform identify which posts deserve to get rewarded as the high-ranking post.

4. Follower Interaction and Engagement

Now that you have a quality social media planner and have uploaded quality content, interaction is next. Engaging with your audience on a regular basis can increase traffic to your social media profile and website. One of the most vital aspects of building a social presence is to keep your audience consistently engaged. Do not ignore your audience. Keep them engaged. Reply to their comments and answer their questions. Gaining your audience's attention and confidence might not be as easy, but mastering the art using Social Media Management Tool will be the game-changer. Keep at it, and in no time, you can stay at the top of the social game.

Boost your Social Engagements to New Level

5. Target Audience

The right people must see your posts. There are many businesses that provide excellent products and services on social media but still don't seem to be achieving their goal. The simple reason lies in that although they post engaging content, they don't reach the right audience. To have organic traffic drawn to your posts, create a campaign and identify a target market that will form your niche audience. The factors needed to select your target audience range from your target audience's age group, average income, and shared values. Creating a customer persona will help you create your ideal customer, your customer persona.

"Content is fire. Social media is gasoline." – Jay Baer

6. Drive Traffic to Your Website From Forums

Be an active part of community groups to find people with the same interests. From there, you can get your target audience. You can join these groups on WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest as they host your potential audience and customers. Also, you can create one or more groups that will bring people together under one idea or interest as it tallies with your niche. Post your new content links in these groups but don't be too money conscious with your updates. Present value first because this is what people want. It is the value you offer from your product that you will get the reward of in currency.

7. Post During Slow Hours

It is essential to note the best times to upload your content to get the most social media impressions. Taking note of this will also help in determining what to upload at strategic moments. The following are the best briefs of time to upload on various social media platforms.

  • Facebook: posting on Facebook at 3 PM will get you the most clicks, while 1 PM will get you the most shares. You can use social media analytics tool to track and see the performance of your posts.

  • Twitter: Wednesdays around noon and 5-6 PM fall into slow hours on Twitter. At this time, workers are on break and or are in transit.

  • LinkedIn: the best time to post on LinkedIn is midweek from 5-6 PM. Since LinkedIn is majorly a business platform, people are likely to read LinkedIn posts in the morning. So the best time to post on this platform is before and after work.

  • Instagram: the best time to post for maximum social media impressions is during off-work hours than during the day. Generally, on Fridays, people are usually in the mood for a fun weekend and seem to be happier. Funny content like memes will fit into that ""happiness index.""

8. Easily Shareable Content

As an online business owner, you have to make your content easily shareable. Use social media plugins and tools to encourage readers to share your material. Various plugins can help you spread your content via multiple networks in a much easier fashion. One such plugin is using the 'click to Tweet', which allows readers to highlight parts of your content to share on social media without leaving the page. Also, you have to include mobile-friendly social media buttons and don't distract your readers while scrolling. Use a free heat map (for WordPress) to see where people click most on your blog content. Once you have a good area with high click volume, add your social share buttons there to increase traffic immediately.

9. Republish Old Articles on Linkedin

You can republish your posts from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram on LinkedIn to improve your social media impressions. Several persons might have interacted with your upload, but there are still many more that you can target. LinkedIn is a good ground for this. Moreover, you are likely to get more engagements with your posts on LinkedIn than you will on other social media platforms. The 'noise' on Facebook can be drowning, which has led to a drastic drop in traffic. Also, the quick scroll of Instagram and Twitter makes posts easily get lost in traffic. Thereby, reducing proper engagements.

10. Promote Profile

The first thing people get to see when they click on your social media page is your profile. Your profile provides information about your company to visitors. It also tells them where they can get more of the content you are sharing, provided they are interested. Backlinks added to your site can help readers see what your personality is. This method will help you generate visitors. You can also use the influence of social media influencers. To build this strategy, find the right influencer to post about your brand or refer to your social media profile and then focus on building a good relationship. These influencers have a huge follower base and popularity on social media. It is wise to have them as endorsers as it will help win the approval of those visiting your page. A good profile results in a significant social media boost.


An excellent social media presence is a significant factor for your business. The tactics listed in this article are essential to building a formidable social media presence. Also, they help in boosting your social media impressions. Getting this done requires hard work, dedication, and consistency.

Most importantly, strategic planning is required, and you can do this best with the help of a social media management app. This helps in strategically planning out your content. Target a customer base and interest them with quality content consistently. Make your uploads catchy and exciting. Join related forums and online groups and interact continuously. Maximize the active hours of your target audience on various platforms and make your content shareable. A simple republishing of the old content will both reengage your audience and engage new ones. Make your profile professional and promote it.

However, as all good things take time, you might not experience immediate results. If you do, all well and good. If you don't, keep on keeping on. Your rewards are in the offing. The walk to a grand social media impression is, more often than not, a long one.

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