For most digital marketers, Social media posting software is an essential and powerful component of their daily activity. Social media campaigns drive engagement and exposure, leading to more traffic, more clicks, and more sales. What’s more, social media allows brand managers and business owners the ability to communicate directly with large portions of their main demographics. The audience talks, and social media allows you to listen and reply.

Marketers use Social media posting software because it automates large chunks of their daily workflows. From scheduling posts to optimizing them and tracking URLs the lead to your website.

Social media posting software also allows you to monitor for brand mentions across all social media platforms with social listening feature. Not only does this help you reply to customer comments or complaints in a timely manner, but it also allows you to monitor for mentions of your competition, giving you invaluable insight into the environment of your industry, and streamlining competitive analysis.

Unfortunately, Social media posting software can’t stop human error. People make mistakes. It’s part of being human. The best answer to human error is knowledge. And so, to help mitigate some of the mistakes we make on a daily basis, our experts have compiled a list of the most frequent mistakes made while shopping for and using Social media posting software.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying & Using Social Media Posting Software

Data is knowledge, and knowledge is power. With the right Social media posting software, you can be confident in your decisions knowing they’re backed by data.

1. Not Optimizing Posts

Optimization might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised to learn how many marketers and business owners take the spray-and-pray approach to social media marketing. They write whatever comes to mind, ignore targeting settings, and just hit publish.

The result is usually devastating, and many business owners give up on social media. If you’ve ever interacted with someone who said, “social media marketing just doesn’t work for me,” there’s a good chance they fall into this category.

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The truth is that social media marketing can work for everyone, but only if posts are optimized to succeed. Social media optimization requires you to collect and analyze data, monitor existing posts for activity, segment groups of your audience based on a variety of variables and demographics, analyzing post performance to determine the best day and time to post, and much more than we could fit into one post. There is various software that provide social media analytics feature which helps you to provide detaailed analytics and reports.

Success depends on you putting the right message in front of the right audience. Social media posting software helps you identify the right audience, and data from previous campaigns and other sources helps you identify the right message.

2. Creating Content for Everyone

Speaking of the right audience - it’s important that your content speaks directly to someone. If you create content with the hopes of attracting everyone that sees it, it’s likely no one will ever engage with it.

The problem is not with the quality of the content, or the posting time, or the buzz words, or anything else like that. The problem is that you’re speaking to too many people. Not only does that hurt productivity, but it hurts your budget as well! This rule applies to pretty much every facet of digital marketing.

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One you’ve identified your target audience for a specific campaign or post, stick to that audience. Create content that’s just for them. Create content that will only grab their attention! It might seem counterintuitive at first, but take it from the experts: it works!

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3. Not Responding to Engagements

Everyone knows that social media marketing involves paid ads. However, many brands overlook the organic avenues of social media.

Social media posting software gives you the ability to monitor social media platforms through social listening feature for mentions of your brand, competitors, and any other keyword you can think of. But this data alone is useless if you don’t use it for the benefit of your brand.

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Reply to engagements as often as possible. If you see someone comment on the quality of your brand’s products or services, respond directly to the post. Not only does this show the user that you actually value their investment in your brand, but it shows anyone watching this engagement play out that you’re in the community, and that you interact with your audience.

In a day where so many business owners are too busy to communicate with the people that pay the bills, this simple act will make you stand out from the competition.

4. Counterattacking Negative Posts & Comments

Where some businesses don’t respond at all to user comments, others go overboard and end up making fools of themselves and their brands.

If you’re a small business owner, you likely care for your business like you do your own children. It’s a huge part of your life, and you’re easily offended when someone talks down to you or about you or your products, services, brand, or employees.

Engaging with them, however, and stooping down to the level of insults or negativity only hurts your brand image.

It can be tempting to delete negative comments or reply to negative reviews. But your customers know you. They know your brand. If someone chooses to invest their money somewhere else, it’s likely not because of a nasty comment they saw on social media. There’s a much better chance of you turning off customers, clients, and prospects by engaging with negativity.

5. Too Many Social Media Accounts

Depending on your industry, and depending on your intended audience, you may not need an account on multiple networks out there.

Facebook accounts are almost universally recommended. It’s also a good idea to invest some time and effort into promoting your brand on Twitter. Outside of that, however, you should take a close look at your industry and the platforms your intended audience is using most often.

As marketing expert and co-founder of brand-management consultancy Mavrck Company, Lyle Stevens spends day-in and day-out working with companies and teaching them how to boost their brand’s image on social media.

Remember that in business and in life, you only have 24 hours in each day. If your promotions on Instagram are performing poorly, and it’s costing you more to run campaigns that you’re returning in value, it may be time to deactivate the account.

These decisions can only be made with confidence when you have the data to guide you. So, no matter how many accounts you make, ensure that you’re tracking as many key performance indicators as necessary to make the right decision.


If you’re running social media campaigns to promote your brand, products, and services then you need social media posting software to get the most productivity out of each day.

Sure, you’re well capable of running your own campaigns, right? But wouldn’t your time be better spent elsewhere? Why invest countless hours each week into social media marketing when you can automate most of the process in a fraction of the time? It’s a no-brainer.

If you search Google for social media posting software, you’ll get thousands of results. Some people have no trouble making quick decisions. They pull the trigger and worry about the consequences later.

We encourage you to test out some of the more popular social media posting software before making a decision. You can try HipSocial, for instance. HipSocial is a social media management tool was created by 500apps, and it’s part of an extensive suite of business productivity apps that work in harmony to help your brand perform like the Fortune 500. It’s one of the best social media posting tools on the market which is free for 10 users.

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