<h2>How to Build a Facebook Business Page?

Before you create a Facebook Business Page, you must first log into your personal Facebook account. Don't worry, your personal information will not be visible to the public on your business page. This is because each business page is managed by one or more administrators. People with personal Facebook profiles serve as administrators. Your personal account functions as a key to unlock your new business page. If you have team members who are assisting you with your page, their personal accounts will unlock their individual roles and skills as well.

So, if you’re not already logged into your personal account, log in now in order to perform the following steps:

7 Steps to Get Started on Facebook

1. Get Registered

The first step is to create a page for your business:

  • Go to facebook.com/pages/create.
  • Enter your company's details on the left-hand side. The preview page on the right will refresh in real-time as you do so. For your page name, you can use your company name or an alias name looking for your firm.
  • Type a word or two that describe your business in the category field, and here, Facebook will recommend multiple alternatives. You may select three of the suggestions.
  • Fill in the description field next. This is a brief summary that shows in the search results. It should be only a few sentences long (maximum 255 characters).
  • Click on the “Create Page” button after you're done with your description.

Boost your Facebook Presence to New Levels

2. Upload a Banner and a Profile Picture

In the next step, you need to add a profile picture and cover photo to your Facebook page. It's critical to make a strong visual first impression, so it is recommended to choose carefully. Make sure the photos you choose are in line with your brand and can be recognised as belonging to your organisation right away.

Using your logo is definitely the safest option if you are a well-known brand. A picture of yours will do wonders if you're a star or a famous figure. If you belong to a local business, a well-shot snapshot of your distinctive offering might suffice. The most crucial thing is to make your page as easy to recognise as possible for a potential follower or buyer.

170 x 170 pixels is the recommended size for your profile picture. A circle will be clipped out of it. Facebook suggests that you use an image with a resolution of 1640 x 856 pixels. Now, click “Add Cover” when you've chosen an appropriate image.

upload a banner and a profile picture

3. Link Your Company to WhatsApp (optional)

A pop-up box will appear when you click “Save” asking if you wish to link your business to WhatsApp. This is optional, however, it allows you to include a WhatsApp option on your page or send users who are on WhatsApp using Facebook ads.

Now, click “Send Code” if you wish to link your business to WhatsApp from Facebook.

4. Pick a Username

The location where others can find you on Facebook is your username, often known as your vanity URL.

Your username can be up to 50 characters long, but don't overuse it simply to make it interesting. Go with the one which is something easy to type and remember. A safe bet is your company name or a clear variation of it. On the Page preview section, click “Create Username” to create your username.

Fill with the name you'd want to use. If it's available to use, Facebook will notify you and you're good to go if you obtain a green checkmark. From the drop-down menu, choose “Create Username”.

  • Create a username for the page.
  • A confirmation pop-up will appear.
  • Simply click the “Done” button.

5. Fill in the Details with Information About the Business

Even if you may be inclined to save the details for later, it's important to fill out all of the fields next to each section of your Facebook page instantly.

Because Facebook is the first place, where a buyer looks for your information, having everything over there is crucial. Fortunately, Facebook makes this very easy to do. Simply scroll down on your page view to the section called "Set Your Page Up for Success and expand the box labelled “Provide Info and Preferences"

Most importantly don't forget to add a call-to-action button. The built-in call-to-action button on Facebook makes it simple to give customers what they want and allows them to interact with your company in real-time. Visitors will be more likely to learn more about your company, shop goods, download your app, or schedule an appointment if you use the proper CTA button.

6. Make Your First Facebook Post

Before you start inviting people to like your Facebook business page, you should first provide some useful content. You can write your own pieces or share useful content from industry-leading thinkers.

Make sure whatever you post on your Facebook Business Page provides value to your visitors so they will want to stay.

7. Attracting the Audience

Your Facebook Business Page has evolved into a powerful online presence that allows potential customers and fans to communicate with you at ease. You'll need to gain some followers now!

attracting the audience

Begin inviting your Facebook friends to become fans of your Page. Simply extend the 'Introduce Your' page space by scrolling down to the bottom of the 'Set Your Page Up' for the 'Performance' column. To see a list of your personal Facebook friends, click the blue-coloured “Invite Friends” button. Then click “Send Invites” after selecting the friends you wish to invite.

Use your existing platforms to advertise your new pages, such as your website and Twitter. Do not forget to include the call-to-action (Follow us) icons.

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