<p>A social media scheduling tool is software used to schedule a person's posts to be posted at a particular time or date across multiple social media accounts and platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social media scheduling platforms automatically post your content when the right moment arrives, as if you posted it yourself!

How Does Social Media Scheduling Tool Help Businesses in Content Distribution?

Content distribution is the process of sharing and promoting content on various social media platforms to connect and reach out to your target audience and grab their attention through various channels and media formats.

Using scheduling platforms, you can:

  • Clear up your to-do lists in no time
  • Post the required content within the specified period,
  • Manage multiple social media pages,
  • Monitor the market
  • Increase accountability
  • Work in collaboration
  • Manage customer relationships

List of Social Media Scheduling Tool Available for 2022

1. HipSocial

Powered with multiple features and sustainable services, HipSocial is one of the market's best social media management tool. Using this social media scheduler, you can develop effective social media strategies to increase brand visibility, improve engagement, and get more profound insights.

HipSocial Best Social Media Scheduling Tool

Provided with CRM integration and approvals workflow, you can post high-quality, error-free content and engage users to generate quality leads across multiple social networks.

Pricing: Starting at $15/month, HipSocial also offers free plans for ten users.

Schedule your Posts with Social Media Scheduling Tool

2. SocialBee

SocialBee takes social media management to the next level and manages to impress with its affordable plans and an intuitive interface. Working on a category-based scheduling system, SocialBee allows you to set up a posting schedule, have a real-time preview of your upcoming posts, organize your posts into different categories, and create outstanding visuals. Better yet, SocialBee helps you to stay on track by allowing you to get information on competitors and analyze your audience.

SocialBee Social Media Scheduling Tool

Pricing: Plans start from $19/month for five social profiles along with a 14-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Missinglettr

One of the best social media scheduling and automation tools available in the market, Missinglettr helps make scheduling posts incredibly simple and easy. The software is a perfect tool for busy bloggers and business owners, as it automatically generates social media content such as snippets and images from your RSS feed. Moreover, Missinglettr allows you can create a perfectly balanced schedule for your whole campaign with drip marketing and careful curating.

Missinglettr Social Media Scheduling Tool

Pricing: Also available for free, Missinglettr starts at $9/month along with a 14-day free trial.

4. Hootsuite

One of the popular social media schedulers in the business, Hootsuite is a complex software used especially by enterprise-level agencies. With over 16 million users worldwide, it allows you to engage with your audience and monitor your social accounts with ease. Enabling a team network, Hootsuite works effectively in collaborations and provides account-specific analytics for social media.

Hootsuite Social Media Scheduling Tool

Pricing: Hootsuite consists of free plans as well as paid plans that start from $19/month along with a 30-free trial period.

5. Buffer

A simple social media scheduling solution offering limited free plans, Buffer helps you manage various social media platforms and post content ahead of time. Known for effective team management, approval workflows, and access permissions, Buffer works seamlessly with your clients and team when it comes to social content. With a clean user interface, Buffer facilitates easy navigation and instantly responds to customer support.

Buffer Social Media Scheduling Tool

Pricing: Starting from $15/month, Buffer comes with a limited free plan and starts from a $5/social channel.

6. Agorapulse

A highly efficient customer relationship management tool, Agorapulse redefines social media management with real-time collaboration and audience engagement by giving you the power to manage all your posts in a single place and on several social media platforms at the same time. One of the best tools for running a large-scale social media operation, Agorapulse, helps gauge the general sentiment towards your brand.

Agorapulse Social Media Scheduling Tool

Pricing: Starting at $99/month for ten social profiles, Agorapulse offers various plans for various social profiles.

7. PromoRepublic

Another social media scheduling tool for planning campaigns easier and faster, PromoRepublic presents the user with a social calendar and a library of curated content for scheduling posts ahead of time. Well-known for the Post Ideas section, PromoRepublic is a real-time saver that provides you with loads of inspiration for social media posts, including upcoming global events, quotes, and articles.

PromoRepublic Social Media Scheduling Tool

Pricing: Starting from $49/month for ten social media profiles, PromoRepublic offers you higher plans that help to unlock more social profiles and team members.

8. SocialPilot

If you are looking for a simple social media marketing tool, SocialPilot is the best place to start. Built for optimizing marketing efforts and providing reliable support, SocialPilot helps to create customized posts, analyze, monitor, and report your performance on social media. Moreover, the social media scheduler allows you to effortlessly manage team members with collaboration features and multiple clients' social media accounts.

SocialPilot Social Media Scheduling Tool

Pricing: Starting from $29.75/month up to $127.50/month, SocialPilot also offers 14 days of free trial period for their plans.

9. Pallyy

Designed especially for Instagram users, Pallyy is a social media scheduler tool with a slick user interface. Packed to the core with drag and drop social media calendars, media libraries, and templates, the platform permits easy marketing as well as visual planning of posts, hashtags, comment management, and access to analytics data.

Pallyy Social Media Scheduling Tool

Pricing: Starting from $15/month per social set, Pallyy offers an excellent free plan as well.

10. NapoleonCat

Being one of the finest social media scheduling tools, NapoleonCat is a keep for data-driven marketers that crunch numbers to run their customer campaigns on social media. With well-established customer service, the platform facilitates easy data gathering and saves time. Provided with an easy-to-use content calendar, NapoleonCat helps to add automated comments on your posts and CTA buttons.

NapoleonCat Social Media Scheduling Tool

Pricing: Starting from $27/month, NapoleonCat also offers a two-week trial period.

Summing It Up

All the above-listed platforms are prominent in social media scheduling and customer management. You can choose one platform that suits your needs and improve your marketing strategy by managing several accounts, posting content on several social media platforms, keeping the audience engaged, and increasing brand visibility.

HipSocial by 500apps is a social media management tool that acts as a content scheduler, web scraping, and post planner that helps you integrate with top social networks, track unlimited projects, integrate media, and improve social monitoring skills.

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