Tips Every Marketer Should Use to Optimize Their Google My Business Page for More Business

This post covers the most important things you need to know to create the perfect google my business page.


Importance of Google and Why It Is an Inevitable Asset for Your Business

We do not spark a light bulb when we say that Google is not only a search engine but there are a large number of other important services that the company has designed during these past years all aiming to connect businesses to their customers, advertisers and future partners. With the tons of information available on the search engine, Google is easily a life companion. Medical advice, educational information, entertainment news, conspiracy theories, fake news and languages, Google is the ultimate modern-age yellow pages..

One of these services is Google My Business, a service that helps position businesses with specific information based on their location, services and other necessary information. All business owners seek the highest possible visibility for the greatest number of potential customers on the internet and Google makes it possible. To prove it, Google 'laundry businesses' in your area and from the results establish who is most likely to be preferred by new clients.

Besides, this revolutionary Google feature has a provision for reviews, which is among the secret weapons for frequently visited businesses. I’ll tell you why; when your business offers services that are available in a neighboring establishment, a visitor will intuitively choose the place with a better reputation. The business that is favored by previous customers will be the preferred choice .

You reckon that customers and consumers are less likely to move to page 2 or beyond of Google search results. Why? A well optimized Google my business page gives all the information a visitor needs: services, location of the business, hours of operation and contact information. Your business therefore needs to be on the top page for new business opportunities.

I don’t know about you, but Google my business page sounds like phones ringing for bookings and reservations. Google my business set off in 2014, with local businesses at the center of the product’s development.

Who Is Google My Business Effective for?

Google my business page is the digital equivalent of yellow pages, with advanced, real-time data points. It gives each local business a chance to present itself authentically on the same platform with similar businesses in their area. Consequently, Google my business is a level ground for an online platform for local businesses of all levels and scope of operations. It is up to the owners to furnish their page with relevant and up to date information that will keep their business the most favorable to visiting clients.

This simply means that this feature is relevant and very useful for any local business that is seeking to attract more customers to its enterprise.

<a href='google-my-business-page'>google my business page</a>

How To Get Visitors From Google My Business Page

For many businesses out there this has been a mystery; how do you get a good position on Google search results and receive a great number of visitors? This post will break it down into palatable bits for you;

Furnish Your Profile

A complete profile needs all the data not only for the user but for the search engine. The goal is to provide all your information that Google needs to give relevance to your profile compared to a profile with similar properties. Here, minute details could be the sole differentiating factor that makes your business stand out.

It is also advisable to include photos and videos and show a constant update of the content. In this way, we show Google a clear commitment to the management of the business page in Google + Local. Why? Search results for local business inquiries are directed to local Google+.

Images and photographs are a powerful addition to your Google my business page. A recent study shows that Businesses with more than 100 images get 520% more calls than the average business, while those with just one image get 71% fewer.

Claim Your Business on Google My Business

Listing your business on Google my business is not enough to establish your space on the search engine. This step verifies your business number, address and phone number, establishing you on the search engine listings for your area. It is advised that you use a local number rather than a national one. This step will require you to fit your business into the categories available. Attributes of your business will help further narrow down your business.

Google My Business Categories

Google does not allow you to customize the category for that reason, you must choose the ones provided by default. Therefore, it is important to select the categories that best suit your business in order to segment the audience you want to reach as much as possible. Picking the right category works to your advantage because you get more targeted visitors, who are consequently more likely to purchase your products or services.

Verify Your Information Everywhere

The first thing you are going to do is search for the web address you have specified on your Google + page and see if the contact, address and phone data match to what is on your Google my business. If there is any discrepancy, you need to streamline it. You want the identity of your business to be consistent to authoritatively carve your space online.

The best thing is that there is nothing left for the imagination in the text you write in order to reach your customers. Do not forget the main products/services you offer, where you are or any detail that is key to defining your business.

Verify Your Information Everywhere

User Engagement and Interaction

From the user’s point of view, the promptness and accuracy in response of a company also serves as a positioning factor. A static page that does not receive visits or answer customer requests or inquiries is of no value to Google and gets pushed to lower search results pages. Consequently, generating communication with customers can also help improve positions in results. Have a dedicated time and/or person to respond to enquiries quickly.

Encourage Customer Reviews

The more advocates you have, the fewer ads you have to buy - Dharmesh Shah

Customer ratings on Google + Local], that is, are a decisive factor when establishing a Google ranking. They must be real and rank higher than the average score. Reviews and comments will heavily sway the user’s purchase decision process. Make it your policy to encourage your clients to leave their genuine reviews on your Google my business listing.

Include Maps Within The Google Business Profile

The inclusion of a map is key for the user to locate the business but also for the search engine to offer the result in searches related to the sector and the city. You just have to search your business on Google Maps, choose the option to share and insert map.

Add Your Precise Location

Remember when creating your Google My Business page that it is important that the title label of this landing page includes the name of the city, and if necessary, the street and building where the business is located.

Add Your Precise Location

Remember To Include The Keyword in the Business Name

When registering the name of the business in Google My Business page, you must also take into account whether we can include the name of the service or product. This will also allow good returns in terms of positioning on search results..

As when Google analyses your web space, doing so with your business will also look at the keywords you use and these are the ones that will face your commercial competitors when positioning the business. A keyword is basically what a potential customer looking for your services would type into Google. You must therefore do your research around both local and broader customer base. Keywords basically turn the search engine to your direction, improving your chances of receiving new business when an interested party makes a search.

For easier understanding, imagine this: In a coastal tourist destination, you find establishments by locals and hotel chains. A tourist looking for an authentic cultural experience will likely choose to eat at a local eatery than at a chain hotel offering variety cuisines. A Google search of ‘best hotels in my area’ will likely put the chain hotel on the top results due to its name being searched from other locations where the chain hotel is located. Otherwise, a search of local cuisine hotels will bring up hotels set up by locals as they are specialized in local cuisine.

Is Google My Business Worth It?

Being free and so easy to handle, you should not miss out on the value that Google my business represents for potential clients. Besides providing general information about your business, it gives the impression that you are organized and run a modern establishment. It gives the impression that your business is created for customers well beyond your locality.

We recommend that if you created your profile a long time ago, take some time to update it and verify if everything is correct. In case you still don’t have it, you should know that you are losing customers: Google has been redirecting your potential customers searches to your competition that is active in Google My Business page.

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