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PipelineDeals - HipSocial Integration

User names found in any social media search can directly be saved to PipelineDeals via Hipsocial, with a single click, automate your application or service with software tools that are used every day and configure flexible workflows.

easy setup

Easy Setup

Effortlessly connect HipSocial to your PipelineDeals account and uplift your social media marketing efforts. It also offers seamless integration with intuitive tools and smoother workflows.

Save Contacts from Social Media Profiles

Seamlessly save verified contacts from any social media profile you wish. Stay updated with your social contacts and retrieve them when required.

save contacts from social media profiles
lead generation

Lead Generation

By saving leads from the HipSocial app to your PipelineDeals platform, you can attract more potential customers. Initiate a consumer interest or inquiry on the services you are offering and acquire more leads.

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