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What is HipSocial?

Are you running a business, worried about how are you going to manage all your social media accounts and increase your outreach capabilities to generate leads?

According to experts, Social media continues to grow and we expect more than 5 billion people to be actively using the platforms in 2022. In the midst of the worldwide health catastrophe caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, social media platforms have become an even bigger pool of lead sources. Top marketers are adopting advanced social media tools.

HipSocial is a Fortune 500 all-in-one Social Media Management software at an unbelievable value. Automate, and manage all your Social Media Accounts from Centralized Locations. Monitor your social media and engage with prospective leads from one app. EG: Like monitoring social networks, managing social media approval workflows, organizing the content library, and scheduling social content in bulk.

Become a powerhouse brand to get the most out of modern social media platforms and custom RSS streams to boost brand loyalty and generate powerful leads. Create unlimited categorized streams with scheduled posts, page scraper, image extractor, royalty-free images, approval manager, and insightful analytics. Integrate with popular CRMs, photo marketplaces, helpdesk, and project management applications.

Integrations of HipSocial

If you run a website, CRM business, or company that relies on collecting data from social networks and want to generate more leads from social media networks, HipSocial is the right fit for you.

Transform business processes and internal communication by connecting all your business apps with HipSocial.

HipSocial is integrated with powerful CRMs (i.e Agile CRM, CompanyHub, Hubspot) also helpdesk software, and project management applications.

HipSocial offers 42 integrations > Take the advantage of category drop-down to filter the apps, it has 3 categories CRM, marketing, and social media. If your goal is pulling social data directly into your CRM, add CRM integrations. With a CRM social media integration, you can provide support that incorporates a customer's interaction history across social channels and the same information can be accessible to anyone within your organization. In a similar way add marketing and social media integrations.


Under social media integrations, HipSocial has the 5 most popular social networks, which are Facebook pages, add the required number of Facebook accounts and business pages to build a strong relationship with your customers.

social integrations

  • Instagram, add Instagram accounts to grab young start-ups with your stunning images.
  • LinkedIn, add LinkedIn company pages to connect with the n-number of business owners.
  • And youtube, reaching bigger audiences with your engaging videos.

HipSocial enables you to add and delete multiple networks easily by removing them at the same time.

How to do Social Listening?

Dive deeper and uncover essential conversations to generate qualified leads.

Allows social media teams to directly communicate with customers via the stream. From one place, you can Like, Share, Retweet, and Comment. Create unlimited categorized streams for numerous social accounts at the same time to see everything that's going on in one place. Interact with the larger audiences without logging into your accounts directly.

This screen allows for managing all your social streams in one place. Let's get started by creating a category first.

Categories will let you segment your Social Media Accounts based on custom grouping like Websites, Different Channels, Public and Private, etc. and give access to only certain members who have been allowed access to the application in the workspace. Only Members with access are allowed to view the contents of the app.

add project

Add Category name - for example, Facebook, now another screen will pop up with what would you like to see on the streams. Simply click and the same shall be added to your streams. If you have multiple pages it will list them separately. Similarly, if you want to edit the category name or delete the category write the same name which you had given before the particular category.

How to Add Streams in HipSocial?

Let’s start creating streams


Add Category > For Creating streams HipSocial offers different options for different platforms, for Twitter, you can add streams for advanced search, Basic search, Home, replies, retweets, mentions, favorites, and User timeline.

adding streams

hipsocial streams

For Twitter:

Let’s start with an advanced search,

Words: Here we have 4 different options to search for relevant keyword 1. It takes “All these words” For example E.g.: what’s happening, contains both “What’s” and “happening”

  1. It takes only “ Exact Phrase” E.g.: happy hour contains the exact phrase “happy hour”

  2. It takes “Any of these words” E.g.: cats dogs, contains either “cats” or “dogs” (or both)

  3. It takes words in terms of hashtags “These hashtags” E.g.: #ThrowbackThursday, contains the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday

advanced search

Language: HipSocial offers you 29 languages including both local and international languages.

Accounts: It provides 3 advanced searching options to include accounts in streams 1. From these accounts E.g.: @Twitter, sent from @Twitter

  1. To these accounts E.g.: @Twitter, sent in reply to @Twitter

  2. Mentioning these accounts E.g.: @SFBART @Caltrain, mentions @SFBART or mentions @Caltrain


Engagement: It has an engagement filter that sets tweets limitations to get better results like minimum replies (Tweets with at least 280 replies), Minimum Likes (Tweets with at least 280 likes), and Minimum retweets


Filters and Dates: Search by dates, tweets with replies, and tweets with links.


For Facebook Pages:

For Facebook, Streams can be created for

Timeline My Posts Mentions Events


For LinkedIn:

For LinkedIn, Streams can be created for my posts


For RSS Feed:

Create RSS Feed > Instead of you going from site to site, you just go to one location, and all of your headlines and blog posts come to you. Not any more wasting time on sites that may or may not have been updated since the last time you visited (also, no more flash commercials claiming you've won something you haven't) > To start with RSS Feeds, the first thing you need to do is get a feed reader > Give the particular website URL > save it > get the entire content and updates of that particular feed > you can also delete it whenever you want.**


Infinite scroll makes it even easier to browse through all the posts from the past. Simply keep scrolling until you find the post.

rss streams

Settings in Streams

If you wish to refresh a stream, hover over and click the refresh button, likewise, click delete to delete a stream and click on the three dots to view text-only posts or posts with text and images. By default, it is set to text and images.

You can also drag and move the streams in the order you wish to view them.

Using the page view bar, you can adjust the view based on the screens and streams you use. You can define the stream refresh interval by clicking the refresh button.


HipSocial allows you to integrate with popular CRMs, having a CRM integration with social media tools business owners can achieve better customer service, and greater marketing insight, by allowing the exchange of data in real-time. Add contacts to CRM with just a click from Twitter. For example, I would like to add a contact from the comments sections, by clicking on view comments and right next to the user, will find a plus button, click and select the CRM from the list. It is that simple.

advanced search streams

You can add as many categories as you want to view all the channels in one place.

How to Post on Social Media?

The posts tab. In the post tab, click the add post button to post on multiple social media channels at one go.



If you are traveler or on vacation and are unable to publish at a set time each day, scheduling allows you to keep your social media accounts active. No more waiting for a particular time to publish a post.

Increase engagement rate

With a powerful scheduling tool HipSocial, you can bulk-schedule social content for multiple clients on multiple social channels from a single place when it will have the most impact while taking into consideration time zone differences.

time zones

For example: Suppose you’re developing a promotional campaign for a product. You want to schedule it before 10 days including a picture and perhaps a short video. Instead of scheduling You can also launch a campaign in the United States, at a certain time with a suggestive picture, and launch it at the same time of day in the UK.

site recommendar

Before we schedule any post on HipSocial, we need to add the particular networks where we want our post to be scheduled. So to add the networks we have to go to “Integration” from here you can choose the network you want to post.

Once you are done with adding a network, click on Post then, on your right-hand side you can see Add Post.

This is the window box, where posts can be easily added or drafted for multiple social networks. By selecting channels for a post from the add network and a post can be drafted.

  1. On the right side, it has a Live Preview Window

  2. See how the content will look across the social media platforms without posting or saving the changes

  3. Character counter that helps users to streamline the post content and character-counted ideal post perfectly for all social media platforms for social media networks. For example, Twitter 280, Facebook, and LinkedIn have 2000.

add post

Take the advantage of a built-in site recommender for quality images for engagement and SEO ranking. Save time by scraping massive amounts of data from any website at any scale to boost your digital content strategy to fulfill your social media goals, you can select text and images with a single tap with the NinjaSEO Chrome Extension Bot, which requires no coding. NinjaSeo is another powerful app by 500apps. It will empower you to optimize your website for search by performing best-of-class SEO audits, evaluating competitor backlinks, tracking SERP results, creating links with an AI links bot, and more. It also provides you with unique insights to increase your page rankings.

page rankings

Attach high-quality images with a post > HipSocial has a huge collection of images including Education, Holidays, Industrial, Nature, Technology, Transportation, and Upload from local drive. > also you can Enhance the visual appearance of the images with Image Filters for social media posts by changing the color, cropping the required portion, and many more.

social posting

HipSocial is integrated with popular photo marketplaces like Pixabay > choose free images from Pixabay and Giphy > by typing the required images you will get relevant images from Pixabay, use them however you want to increase engagement, clicks, retweets, replies, and more with your posts similarly Get the best Social Media GIFs in no time. For example, instead of using the Internet slang "LOL" for "laughing out loud," a user could attach a GIF video clip of someone laughing hysterically.

On your left-hand side here we have three options

Post Now, Schedule Later, Save as draft

By choosing Schedule Later, you will get the customized date with time

  1. Choose the best time that works best for your company and get more engagements

  2. Make yourself noticeable, when your customers are seeking for you > “Schedule” it

Under Post, you can check the n-number scheduled post, and easily can be deleted from the queue list.

post later

Managing Approvals in HipSocial

Limiting new hires' access to social media platforms and preventing unintentional posting or scheduling can be accomplished with the use of social media management software. New employees can continue to work on social media content, but this procedure reduces the risk of something being published that is against company policy, incorrect, or simply not maintaining the brand's style.

Increase Team’s Productivity

Manage approval increases the productivity of social media marketing efforts. Enhance content marketing, streamline the process, and boost your team’s productivity. Gives security to the post and ensures that the content you are creating is right for your customers.

After adding a post, assign multiple managers to reduce the risk of unintentional posts. Configure your accounts and review posts before publishing. Invite managers if they are added to the particular workplace > select multiple accounts > select multiple managers > easily rest if any changes are required > save it

HipSocial sends an email to the approver> Managers can approve, disapprove, or provide feedback on social media posts using approval procedures > approval posts will be published on social networks sites.


How to Report Analytics in HipSocial?

Are you having trouble achieving campaign success and unsure how to conduct your social media activities?

Analyzing your previous postings can assist you in determining when is the greatest moment to share.

Delve into your social networks issue. The majority of reasons for social campaign failure are due to a lack of understanding of social media analytics. HipSocial provides you with clear graphs from social media activities so that you may have a better understanding of your consumers and retarget the audience for your forthcoming campaign.


The importance of timing in social media marketing cannot be overstated. Your posts will create more engagement, traffic, and sales if you post when your fans are online and at their peak level of attentiveness.

Social media metrics can help you to make better decisions for social media strategy and understand your audience, social data can help you create better content, and understand competitors.


It gives you three pieces of data: published posts; you can see all of the posts that have been published across all channels; scheduled posts; posts that have been scheduled; and posts depending on status, such as approved and reject posts. You can also utilize the date range to see all of the stats that have been posted throughout a specific period.

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