Demystifying Twitter Lists and How You Can Effectively Use Them to Explode Your Online Marketing Campaigns

Discover Twitter Lists and Stay Organized, and Productive.


Twitter lists are a marketing gem many social media marketers have not discovered. They are a low-lying fruit every marketer needs to take advantage of.

But What Are Twitter Lists?

Twitter describes twitter lists as; "A List is a curated group of Twitter accounts. You can create your own Lists or follow Lists created by others. Viewing a List time-line will show you a stream of Tweets from only the accounts on that List."

Twitter lists allow you to organize multiple twitter users into groups that make sense to you for your marketing efforts. This can be very advantageous for social media marketers allowing you to group your personal followers, coworkers, competitors, industry experts, etc. individually. As a result, you are able to follow certain groups for relevant information and post Tweets to specific groups as well. Twitter lists can help you spend time more effectively on finding, monitoring and interacting with the right people.

Why Are Twitter Lists Important?

Apart from helping you stay organized, twitter lists also can go a long way in helping you research your competition. When you want to do market research on a product for example, you can group all the companies or competitors who you deem are your competition and effectively look into the type of content they post and use that to your advantage. Twitter lists are you to stay organized if and when you are following multiple brands.

Obviously, as a marketer, armed with your competitors' information and insights on how they run they social media marketing campaigns and posts, you are in a position to run your own campaigns better.

twitter lists

How Do You Create Twitter Lists?

As a marketer, your Twitter feed is probably filled with hundreds of confusing feeds. The insane pile might dent your productivity, or hide some essential Tweets. Learn on this guide here from the Wired on how to create your first Twitter List and keep things more organized.

How Can Lists Help With Twitter Marketing?

Curated Twitter Lists Can Help You Research Potential Leads

Researching potential customers and engaging with them is easy with Twitter. On top of that, using your existing contact lists can allow you to identify potential leads, search for them on Twitter and engage with them. Any contact lists you receive for conferences or other events can be searched as well.

Separating each potential lead into individual lists based on where the lead came from, potential interest in products or services, whether they have already purchased and are likely to purchase again, or have not yet purchased, are just examples of lists into which you can break each of these contacts.

Twitter lists can further help you research leads and run better cold outreach campaigns. You can do this by researching your potential lead and customizing your outreach message to them, whether cold calls or cold emails. Customized emails have relatively higher open rates and this increases your chances of closing the lead into a sale.

Twitter Lists Can Help You Monitor Competitors

Twitter lists give you an opportunity to monitor your competitors and get a better idea of their strategies. By following their updates and receiving notifications regarding your competitors’ Tweets, you can get some insight into your own social media strategies. This tactic can also help you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Note that as a marketer, you should never underestimate the power of prying on your competitors. When you understand how your competitors run their campaigns, make their posts, etc - you are better suited to tweak their tactics and run more successful social media campaigns of your own.

Email Marketing

If you have subscribers to your marketing emails, you have an existing list of customers and potential customers already willing to hear from you. The good news is that Twitter can get users’ handles based on the email addresses you have on file allowing you to target Twitter ads very effectively. Twitter’s Tailored Audiences is a robust campaign targeting tool that can help with this. Using your lists and your Tailored Audiences will offer very effective marketing and re-marketing capabilities.


Once you have your lists and you want to use them to Tweet out information, make sure you use effective, relevant hashtags. Do some research into some industry-relevant hashtags and make some of your own using your business name.

Hashtags are an effective and clever way of engaging and notifying everyone of your post.

Make Use of Twitter Analytics

Twitter has its own analytics to help you determine if your lists are effective by noting if your audience is engaging. You’ll be able to determine which of your Twitter campaigns are resulting in more engagement and seem to be more effective overall. With this information, you can of course put your efforts on that post or focus on that nature of content. It is always important to look at your analytics to understand your posts.

Make Use of Twitter Analytics

Pin a Tweet on Your Lists

Do you Tweet often but you have one Tweet which you would like your audience to engage with the most? Do you want a product you want everyone on your page to see when they come on your page? The good news is that Twitter allows business users to pin one Tweet on the top of their time-lines in order to keep it front and center when you get visitors to your Twitter page profile. It’s an excellent way to get attention for current promotions or giveaways.

Follow Top Bloggers and Influencers

What is the advantage of following a top industry leader, blogger or influencer?

While the advantages of this might be easy to see, you will find that there are other hidden advantages which come with following these industry leaders. One of the least known tricks which many successful brands use is cross-promotion. Cross promotion means involving other top marketers to build your brand or push your product. You can easily do this on Twitter by tagging them, or Re-tweeting them. In some instances, we have seen top influencers recommending a brand or a product just because they were tagged in the post or they saw a Tweet from one of their followers. This means that by following these top influencers you stand a chance of getting their attention and attracting massive traffic.

Follow Top Bloggers and Influencers

The obvious advantages of following top bloggers is that you are kept abreast with the industry news and this helps you come up with the best practices for your business. This could involve development on important areas which affect your business directly such as Search Engine optimization. These are areas where a small change could impact your business, and being in the know means you are a step ahead.

With all this, by using your Twitter lists, you are able to reach out to specific followers that also follow your main industry leaders, top bloggers and influencers with Tweets relevant to that particular audience.

Reward Loyalty

Your most ardent followers deserve some recognition. This is how they will feel appreciated and even spread the word out more about your brand or product. You can create a special Twitter list for those followers who actively Re-tweet you. Putting them together makes it easy to reward them. You can do this easily by simply Re-tweeting their posts. Remember that these loyal followers can be excellent brand ambassadors if you continue to engage with them consistently.

How Can HipSocial Help?

HipSocial is a social media management tool that can help you with your Twitter presence by helping you create, schedule, monitor and engage with your followers. Plus, its analytics feature can subsidize Twitter’s own analytics nicely for complete insights into this and all of your other social media platforms.This powerful tool delivers the data to you in a nicely palatable manner for your analysis, cutting down on any time wasted trying to decipher cryptic information.

Is it Really That Easy?

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, allowing us to do things more quickly and efficiently. - James Surowiecki

Yes! Social media is extremely effective at helping digital marketers for many reasons, including its ease-of-use and management capabilities. The sheer number of potential customers that engage on social media daily is staggering. Implementing features such as Twitter’s lists are going to help you reach many of those potential customers and give you actionable analytics to back it up. If you would like to implement this powerful tool that is going to make your social media marketing and other social media marketing efforts a breeze, you can access the full version for free for 30 days.


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