How Social Media Posting Tools Work

Social media posting is a great way to carry out prospect and client outreach provided one can leverage the right kind of social media posting tools to do so.


While social media posting is a great way to carry out prospect and client outreach, there are ways to do it right and ways to do it wrong. If you are laboriously creating your posts, splitting hairs about the hashtags and spending a lot of time personally answering all your DMs, you are not doing it the right way. The right way is to put social media posting tools like (Hipsocial to work and automating the process. The time thus saved can be better deployed for strategic planning.

Social media posting tools can seamlessly manage administrative tasks that include posting, tracking and reporting enabling a business to enhance their brand presence in the optimal way. What’s more one needs to spend very little time on this on a day to day basis. The sign of a truly outstanding social media automation system is that it is something that is not discernible to the target audience. It just does its job well and unobtrusively.

Understanding Social Media Automation

Social Media Automation involves the using of social media posting tools to manage the organized and systematic social media posting to augment one’s social media presence.

The Best Way to Use Social Media Posting Tools

The process of integrating social media posting tools into your workflow may take a little time in the beginning, especially for small set ups. But once it’s done the right way, it seamlessly takes over tedious and repetitive tasks, freeing up one’s time to focus on strategic functions.

There are a few things that one has to take into account to make the process work optimally for you.

The Same Message is Not to be Posted on Every Platform

social media platforms

Your messages have to be customized for each of the social media platforms to be really effective. One might imagine that posting the same message across platforms is very convenient, but your credibility may take something of a hit. Even if a tool or a social media platform offers such a facility, it would not be cool to use it.

The fact of the matter is that audiences have varied expectations depending upon their demographics and it would make a brand look very poor, if the trouble to tweak the message to suit the particular platform’s requirements is not taken. Among the things that you have to pay special attention to are the user handles, image specs, hashtag and language and vocabulary, all of which might need adjustment.

Tailor the Schedule of the Posts According to The Audience’s Convenience

Your prospects and clients’ convenience takes precedence over yours. Everything that a business does has to be dictated by the audience’s preferences. This means that you should post when they are online and not when you can spare time.

The important steps that you have to take to automate and optimize your social media postings are

Deploy a scheduling tool to create your posts in advance. Analyze your analytics and schedule the release of your posts to coincide with your audience’s time of being online.

The social media posting timetable will be also decided by the kind of platforms that you have chosen. Your analytical tool can help you arrive at the most suitable time to post on the different social media platforms.

Keep Monitoring the Tools

keep monitoring the tools

The tools can’t be left to run indefinitely on their own as they need human oversight to be really effective. You may be a solo player or part of a major corporate organization, it would make eminent sense to deploy a tool that comes equipped with an approval process.

This will make sure that there are no mistakes in the posts, particularly of the kind that can negatively impact brand image. Another reason to not have a hands off approach to automated posting is the fact that the world witnesses major events and crises that have a direct bearing on the appropriateness of your messaging and you have to be mindful of that. If you planned on holding a rock concert, but had to shelve the plans on account of the pandemic, you can’t carry on with messaging publicising the event vociferously.

You Can’t Automate the Comments

automate the comments

The comments have to appear genuine and not manufactured. The one size fits all, cookie-cutter approach is surely not the best way to make your outreach standout. It isn’t a good idea to use bots to follow and unfollow people, like posts and indeed leave comments that are part of a template, because that would be the easiest way to sabotage assiduously built relationships.

You do not want the word to go out to the world and particularly to your prospects that you are insincere and not at all genuine in your interactions. It is well worth your time to invest in a relationship that is based upon authentic human interactions. That is what will help improve your analytics and improve your social media ROI.

You should leverage your office automation tools smartly in that you are able to manage your direct messages, tags and comments in a centralized manner that allows you to reach out at the required scale in a manner that suits the prospects.

Strengthen the Process With 24x7 Customer Support

customer support

76% of the messages that businesses receive via social media have to do with customer service issues. Luckily one can use a chatbot or auto-response facility to take care of any customer query. Not caring to respond to customer queries may cost you very dearly in terms of offended prospects and customers.

Pay Attention to The Conversation

pay attention to the conversation

The great thing about using social media posting tools is the fact that it lets you track which way the audience communication is headed. You can use social listening tools to help you propagate your cause in various ways. This can be done by way of tracking audience sentiment, collecting user generated content and flagging malicious content going towards your target audience. You can really leverage social media tools quite well to boost coverage.

According to Neil Patel, “Over 2.7 billion people are active on social networks, which accounts for approximately 37% of the global population."

David J. Bembry had the same idea on Twitter, when he tweeted- “As a business owner it's your job to pay attention to the time and the money you spend for social media graphics and posting tools.

According to the latest estimates the number of people on social media is now half the g;obal population. It is obvious that no marketing worth his or her salt can afford to overlook this vast billions strong audience. That being stated social media posting can be very time consuming encompassing as it does a whole host of diverse activities. These encompass tracking and analytics as well as content and graphics designing and posting.

It can become quite a task to identify and find the skills needed to implement an effective social media strategy. That is the reason why social media tools are so important. In fact, there are a number of very important reasons to use social media posting tools.

Few of them are listed below

They Save Time

A social media tool will help you save loads of time, while getting you way better results than you could have managed on your own. While social media tools will certainly automate a process, one should always keep a watch on the quality of the posting.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Enhancing brand awareness is the one of the biggest advantages of using a social media tool for sure. From creating the most appropriate images by using an editing platform to post on Instagram via a scheduler that lets you preview your profile before you go ahead, social media tools do make life very easy for the marketing people. Most importantly, these help enhance brand awareness.

User Friendly

The best social media tools are intuitive, easy to use and help one save a lot of time. These should be such that any of your employees, regardless of their core competency should be able to use its various functions. What aids this process is the fact that there are a number of social media tool providers who provide online tutorials about how best to use their tools. That apart most such service providers have great customer support available that can help one learn.


The good news is that quite a few of the social media posting tools are quite affordable and can be used by businesses regardless of scale and industry. As a matter of fact some very good social media posting apps are free as well. There really won’t be any budget approval issues, when it comes to social media apps.


The world is undergoing an unprecedented digital revolution that has left no aspect of our lives untouched. Everything from the way that we work, communicate, bank, purchase, receive healthcare and indeed entertain has been transformed in ways that we could not even begin to imagine a few years before.

The digitization of human civilization has ushered in efficiencies at the micro level, which were not possible for even governments a few years ago. In business, especially, it has levelled the playing field with even the smallest enterprise challenging long established industry titans. Social media outreach has been a vital part of this revolution.

It has in fact been a life saver in many a crisis, including the one that the whole world is jointly facing in the shape of the Covid-19 pandemic. While social media is all pervasive and anybody with an internet connection can access its benefits, it does require some expertise to leverage it fully. This is especially true if one looks to scale up, Now that is something that any business would obviously want to do, given the enormous audience that social media platforms make available to the users.

The fact that there is a large number of inexpensive, but high sophisticated social media tools to optimize outreach is a godsend to not just businesses, but governments, non profits, security agencies, individuals and just about anyone. The times ahead will only see social media engagement rise. This is because social media engagement is very flexible in that one can make it as personal as one could like it to be. Unlike the impersonal mass outreach of pre digital tims, social media outreach is individualized and makes real time engagement possible.

Every business that hopes to realize its full potential and not be in danger of falling behind the competition would do well to craft a social media outreach strategy. Fortunately, the availability of a large number of social media posting tools to suit every budget have made it possible for each and every business, organization or individual to leverage its awesome power.

With new cutting edge technologies like AI and robotics driving exciting new changes and resulting in spectacular innovations, this is an exciting time to invest in social media marketing tools that can obtain truly astonishing results. Truly the digital age is the age of the possible and an integral part of this new paradigm is the tremendous leverage provided by social media posting tools, One cannot possibly not take advantage of these tools that make social media posting so impactful.

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