Methods of social media management

There are two basic methods for managing your social networks: accessing each platform individually and managing all of your platforms from a single location.

There are two ways to perform and manage social media platforms where former highlights on individual and customized approach while the latter talks on using automated tools to handle multiple accounts from a single dashboard.

Accessing each social network individually

Each social network can be managed via its native website or mobile app. For example, Facebook can be accessed at and Twitter can be found at

By using each social network’s individual website or mobile app, you can quickly post new updates, respond to mentions and direct messages, and like, comment, and share posts from others.

Using a social media management platform

Accessing each network to manage your social media presence can be time-consuming and cumbersome, especially if you have profiles on several different platforms.

The best solution is to use a social media management tool.

It will eliminate the need to access, monitor and analyze multiple websites and apps. It also avoids the need to share several different sets of logins with teams that share the responsibility of social media management and execution.

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