How Social Media Listening Tools Work

With social media expanding massively over the past many years, the role of social media listening as an important business tool has grown tremendously.


With social media expanding the way it has over the past many years, the role of social media listening as an important business tool has grown massively. They help enhance brand awareness, improve customer service, manage any crises arising on social media, support better marketing research and build one's online reputation. Helping one do that are some great social media listening tools like Hipsocial.

Understanding Social Media Listening Tools

A social media listening tool is a type of software that helps oversee online conversations pertaining to one’s brand. It also tracks and analyzes conversations regarding a certain topic, industry chatter or information relating to one’s competition.

According to Neil Patel, “You don’t have time to try and sleuth out every mention across the entire Internet. Between blogs, Reddit, and social media channels, it’s just too much. That’s why you need a top-notch, social-listening strategy”.

It zeros in on specified keyword mentions and provides the analytics for marketers to study. It goes way beyond just tabulating social media outreach, but goes ahead and studies commentary on blogs, websites and fora where the target audience shares information. Social media listening tools thus make sense of mentions by providing insights and at the same time let's a company know how well they are faring and what exactly the consumers think about a brand.

With its ability to integrate all the popular social media channels on a single interface such a tool makes content scheduling and measurement quite seamless. What's more, a social media listening tool can help one use curated content effectively across platforms. Finally you can use actionable insights to optimize your social media outreach.

social media listening tools

Amongst a social media listening tool's principal features are the following:

1. Geographical Region Listening

Assessing geography specific mentions of one's brand are an important feature of a social media listening tool. They offer a very clear view of the goings on in a certain location helping a business prime its message to that audience.

Additionally they make it possible to reach out within that community by engaging with whoever the social media influencers are and by using local hashtags.

2. URL, Hashtag and Industry Tracking

These are very important metrics for a social media listening tool to cover. Such tools should be able to furnish historical hashtag data pertaining to all the major social media networks. With more than a million images and videos posted on Instagram alone tracking hashtags is a huge listening skill to possess

Effective url tracking on the other hand allows marketing people to leverage their marketing campaigns most efficiently. It gives you an acute understanding of precisely the kind of activities that need to be focused on to obtain the best ROI. A good social media listening tool would also be able to monitor a brand’s social media profile with regard to how it relates to industry conversation.

3. NLP and SLA Abilities

These are extremely important abilities for a social media listening tool to possess as these make the tool user friendly and easy to on board. These can help extract all manner of vital information pertaining to product, price, date, locations and so on. These also come in handy in assessing an organization’s performance vis-a-vis its strategic objectives.

4. Multiple Channel Monitoring

A good social media listening tool has to be able to monitor multiple channels simultaneously at the very least. The ability to obtain cutting edge insights from multiple social media networks like Fcaebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, Wordpress, Google + and so on with seamless efficiency is very useful in achieving a stellar marketing outreach.

5. Compatible With Multiple Languages

This obviously is a necessary prerequisite as a business's footprint may straddle multiple geographies. If your listening tool is not equipped to obtain cutting edge business intelligence from your target audience that happens to be multilingual, it is not going to be of much use to you.

social istening tools

More Social Media Listening Tools Features:

1. Social Media tools facilitate the scheduling of social media content on multiple platforms

These provide you with the wherewithal to preselect the time of the scheduled post, without your having to intervene at any time. They empower you to engage with prospects and customers across multiple social media channels enabling you to manage your campaigns, publish your content, analyze results and optimize your outreach.

2. Specialist Tools For Maximum Targeted Impact

You can do so with the help of specialist tools like an "Intelligent Inbox", a "Brand and Trends Reports generator," a "Brand Keywords generator " and so on. These tools ensure that your outreach is targeted for maximum impact.

3. Optimum Deployment of Manpower

No business or organization has the time to deploy manpower to track and identify every relevant mention across the Internet. It is too much of an ask for any organization and they will spend most of their time only doing that. That is why it is important that one uses social media listening tools.

4. A Window Into Brand Conversation

The right tools can let you in immediately into all the chatter-good or bad that surrounds your brand, putting you on top of your social media outreach process.

Using Social Media Listening Tools

1. Smart Inbox

Using this feature helps you comprehensively track every conversation pertaining to your brands. It helps brands reach out to their prospects and clients in a genuine and sincere manner. Above all it helps businesses track the social media space in a manner that it can locate and respond to every important query or message. It becomes a veritable social engagement command center. What's more, it never lets you miss any message of importance and enables your business to respond as a well cooirdinated team of professionals who are always on the ball with regard to prospect and client needs and requirements.

2. Keyword Capturing

A social media tool constantly carries out custom searches that show up in the smart inbox, to keep you abreast with critically important conversations that are of importance to your brand. These may relate to your industry, the competition and your own product or service. This is critical intelligence for your business to have and is something you would ignore at your own peril. It also ppoints out new opportunities, which you might have otherwise overlooked.

3. Reports About Trends

These reports automatically bring to your notice the most important mentions, topics and hashtags of relevance to your brand that are being bandied about on the various social media channels. The trend reports about Twitter, for instance will fill you in on hashtags and topics that are trending the most with regard to your mentions and replies posted on the profiles connected with you. You get idea from these about people and brands associated with your business that get most talked about. How it helps you is by making your content more focused and topical, getting a handle on the topics that would enable you to reach new prospects and provide you with cutting edge ability to leverage your hashtags and reporting.

4. Keyword Report

It lets your business have a handle on its share of the best keywords pertaining to your brand, industry and competition in the social media space. It keeps your business on top of the situation with regard to things like your brad's performance vis-a-vis the competition, the effectiveness of past or current hashtags as well as marketing camapigns and the previalent patters of keyword usage. This allows your brand to be tracked effectively in comparison with your other brands or those of the competition.

5. Advanced Listening

Finally, these tools help reveal emerging trends,, sentiments and opinion leaders pertaining to your industry. It enables you to harness cutting edge insights to empower your business to act with alacrity to capitalize on every opportunity revealed. What's more, all the functionality required by you is conveniently available at one place. Consequently, your outreach becomes focused and action oriented on account of it being powered by sophisticated and calibrated listening.

The Importance of Social Media Listening Tools

importance of social media listening tools

Social Media Listening tools render invaluable help to a business. Let’s see exactly how that is-

1. Helps Gather Brand Intelligence

Social Media Listening tools help a business track their target audience’s interaction with their brand. The process of gathering data from social media with the help of business intelligence enables companies to obtain cutting insights with regard to the successful penetration of a market. Social Media listening tools will provide you with real time data that will help you improve your business process and product development.

According to the research company Clutch’s 2017 survey about social listening with regard to business 25% of their respondents maintain that the most significant benefit of social listening is is contribution in improving products and services. Image-

2. Get to Know Influencers

These tools help identify the major influencers among their target audience. The importance of this cannot be understated on account of the fact that an influence can help change the fortunes of any business. As many as 75% consumers are influenced by social media in their purchase decisions. That’s not all 90% of them rely on peer recommendations as compared to 33% who are influenced by ads in their purchase decisions.

This implies that more than everything else influencers and their opinions matter as your target audience listens to them. You have got to be on the ball about what they think about your brand.

3. Measure Campaign Efficacy

These tools allow you to measure as to how effective your advertising campaign has been in raising brand awareness. You may spend all the money in the world, but unless you know how your outreach is resonating amongst the target audience, you would not have a clue about how effective that has been.

4. Keeping Tabs on Competition

Social media listening tools let you know how well the competition is faring. You don’t need to have your manpower spend precious time doing that research as your tools are able to achieve that for you. You need to listen to what your competitors are saying and what their consumers are saying about them. How are their marketing campaigns faring? Do your consumers like your competitors’ products more than they like yours-you sure would like to find that out. You have got to listen to that and that is where social media listening tools are so critically important.

5. Better Customer Relationships

By picking up cues about customer satisfaction levels, social media listening tools can help you improve your relationship with them. The analytics provided by social media listening tools let a business fine tune and hone its customer relationship strategy in the most incredible fashion indeed.


The usefulness of social media listening tools is underscored by this Tweet - "Some firms also reportedly use the information provided by web analytics tools and social media listening tools for analysis of user behavior and for pricing and underwriting purposes." - European Insurance and occupational Authority Report #EndTheInsuranceRipOff #DualPricing”.

The first thing to pay attention to in social listening is to have a handle upon one’s objectives. These could be regarding mentions of your brand, products and services. Besides, it could also relate to mentions of one’s brand in terms of whether they work for the consumers or not. You should also tune in to any criticism that you might have heard.

Your social media listening tools should not be operating in a vacuum, but should have set goals or objectives. These could pertain to improving your customer service, getting a handle on key influencers and bettering your hashtags and keywords. That apart, it could also pertain to improvement of one’s products and services by incorporating relevant real-time feedback.

Social media listening is all about keeping an eye on keywords, conversations and other communications about one brand that straddles websites, bogs, news sites, Q&A fora as well as myriad social media platforms. You get a feel of what your consumers, competition and indeed the industry think about the space your product or service is operating in.

You would do well to pay heed to what consumers truly feel with the help of AI enabled sentiment analysis. This will help you add enormous value to your responses. You could go ahead and put in place alerts that track what is of relevance to your brand. The insights and data collected by these tools will empower your companies to analyze their activities and use that to enhance their social media outreach strategy.

You can leverage audience segmentation and influencer analysis to home in on the potential target markets that you need to focus upon. Not just that, it will help guide you about the best time to engage with someone and provide relevant analytics about market share, reach, impact and sentiment. These tools will also empower you to improve your crisis management abilities.

They will arm you with the wherewithal to respond with alacrity to complaints and thereby demonstrate to your target audience around the world about how attuned you are to your consumers needs and how catering to them is of paramount importance to you. Besides the stats that these tools provide you about your past campaigns can help you hone and prime your new ones to obtain the maximum ROI.

The world today is a thoroughly digitized one and almost every aspect of our lives is touched by it. Today’s consumer is very well informed about what he or she wants from their products and services. Not only does he or she want the best for themselves, they also want to be made to feel special. No longer do cookie cutter approaches work with consumers who not only know what they want, but also exactly how to get with it. To be on the same wavelength as them is no man task. You may have the best products or services to offer, but if you flounder in creating the right perception with your target audience you will not find much success. Fortunately, cutting edge social media listening tools make this task quite doable for businesses, regardless of their industry, scale or budget.

These tools can help put you and your brand on the exact same wavelength as your prospects and clients and help your business grow exponentially. There is every reason in the world to deploy them if you want your business to come out on top in the times ahead.


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