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Real-Time Preview

Don’t notice mistakes after you’ve published your posts. See how your posts are going to look in when published, while you’re writing them. Ensure they’re going out the way they’re intended to and that all your visuals and links are working properly before you share them with your audience.

Media Library

With HipSocial, allow your teams to seamlessly upload images, videos, and audio files that everyone can access, search and use for posting, all in one place. You also can see at-a-glance all media files that are being uploaded to ensure that they’re consistent with your brand and audience.

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Cross-Channel Post Creation

No more struggling to publish content that’s perfect for your audience on each social media platform in a timely manner. With HipSocial, simultaneous social media posting across channels is easier and faster than ever. We help you increase engagement and remain consistent while saving you time.

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Link Shortener

Character restraints on social media posts make it difficult to get your full message out to your audience when using one or more links. With HipSocial, generate shorten links for simultaneous social media posting across channels that helps you save space on posts with our URL shortener. Also, you can track the number of clicks on your links to see if your social media strategies are working.

Powerful Post Scheduling

Stop wasting hours of your time by manually publishing social media post to their native sites. Schedule your posts up to months in advance, down to the minute and in the correct timezone. With HipSocial, spend less time posting content and more time engaging with your audience, monitoring competitor activity, and analyzing your posts’ reports, all on one platform.

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We’re trying HipSocial for consolidated social media interaction. The team feature is very handy as we have five social media customer success consultants working together with our Sales Director. They all have a simple overview and know what posts are being made. One feature which we also value is timed release to the different platforms as well as the ability to repost after e.g. three months’ time. All in all, I see HipSocial as a platforms for the future when you want to engage on social platforms and still keep the overview.

Christian Bjerre Nielsen

CPO, uQualio


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