Social media analytics for behavioral tracking

Dig into analytic detail and make decisions based on meaningful data with easy-to-read charts and advanced behavioral tracking.

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High level views instantly give you insight into social media performance for any given profile. Use graphs that provide categorical breakdown to see trends and details simultaneously.

Detailed analysis

Each social channel has its own characteristics and metrics. Drill down into each one and truly understand how campaigns perform. Focus your efforts for improvement based on the right data.

social media metrics

Behavioral stats

Smart intelligence provides deeper insight into audience reactions. Activity that happens around keywords shows you where to pay attention.

social media behavioral stats

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Social media URL tracking

Follow click trails

Know which URLs get the most clicks and feed more value to your audience there. Identifying trends puts you ahead of the pack. Spot hot topics early and set the pace.


You don’t need a PhD to get our analytics. It’s all packaged in a simple manner without diluting the data value. Take control and improve your metrics.

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We’re trying HipSocial for consolidated social media interaction. The team feature is very handy as we have five social media customer success consultants working together with our Sales Director. They all have a simple overview and know what posts are being made. One feature which we also value is timed release to the different platforms as well as the ability to repost after e.g. three months’ time. All in all, I see HipSocial as a platforms for the future when you want to engage on social platforms and still keep the overview.

Christian Bjerre Nielsen

CPO, uQualio


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