social listening software for improved social monitoring

Social Listening

for improved social monitoring

Social listening tool to analyze customer feedback, direct mentions, and key conversations happening around your brand on social media channels.

Uncover Trends With Social Listening Tool

Dive deeper and uncover essential conversations, key trends to drive data-driven changes.

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in-app actions

In-app actions

Allow your social media team to interact with customers directly from the stream. Like, Share, Retweet, Comment from one place.

auto refresh

Auto refresh

Make the first impression by responding to your customers immediately. Take control of what you see in your stream with time-bounded auto or manual refreshing.

network streams

Network streams

Create streams for multiple social accounts simultaneously and see all the action happening in one place. Interact with people without logging in directly into your accounts.

monitor networks

Monitor networks

Stay on top of conversations on key areas, track the performance of your posts and brand mentions, and monitor competitor activities. All from one dashboard.

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