Essential Facebook Stats for Marketers in 2021

Facebook is still a useful source of traffic for marketers. Here are the important facebook stats every marketer needs to know.


Creating an effective marketing strategy is dependent on the data used in formulation of the strategy. Social media is a rich source of marketing data and cannot be overlooked. This is due to the huge chunk of our lives spent online. A business looking to improve its customer experience and to draw more customers cannot undermine the rich ground that is Facebook. reports that Facebook has seen a few audience declines over the past year too. Its self-service advertising tools reported notably lower reach figures for India, Spain, and South Korea at the start of 2020 compared to just a few months earlier. However, overall, Facebook’s audience reach has grown by 1 percent in the past 3 months alone. Critically, marketers can now use Facebook to reach one-third of all the world’s adults aged 18 and above, and more than half of all the world’s adults aged 18 to 34.

Interestingly, Facebook stats have shown a downward trend in usage in the US. Some experts believe that the loss of users will worsen over the years. This means now is the prime time to take your marketing career to the next level on Facebook. We will explore the important Facebook stats that are crucial for a winning marketing strategy.

HipSocial guides you on what to look for to grow your brand performance on Facebook.

User Demographics

User Demographics

User Age

Placing your brand on Facebook calls for a sober approach. That is, your Facebook stats for ages of active users need to determine the effectiveness of your ads. Less teenagers continue to use Facebook, lowering Facebook Stats for teen-based ad performance. Contrary to the high revenues figures by American and Canadian users, the two regions do not carry majority Facebook users. India boasts of 310 million users.

User Income

The reason for the high rank of US users on Facebook stats for revenue is due to their Income. Facebook stats thus indicate that American users have better incomes compared to the millions of users in India. Understanding the income of Active users will give insight to the purchasing power of your audience.

User Income

User device

Facebook stats reveal that majority users use mobile devices in comparison to desktop. Your content should be friendly to mobile use, since it's where most users lie according to Facebook stats. Video ad content needs to be short and interesting, to keep your audience attention amidst other brands.

Facebook User Activity

Facebook stats reveal that there are peak times when active users get online. This is the time they view ads and make decisions on which brands to engage. After understanding your user, knowing the right time to approach them will convert your projections into results. B2B marketing to other businesses is best done during working hours, while B2C marketing is best after work hours; when users are commuting to and from work.

User Engagement

Naturally, your marketing efforts are dependent on the response from your target audience. Facebook is the epitome of engagements. Captivating content receives response on the comment section and shares. For successful conversion of viewers to fans, your need to pay attention to what is said below your ads. This is where you will find your own Facebook stats for potential buyers and pick up recommendations for your brand. Getting involved in conversations with your fans will improve their favorability for your brand.


Web designers and developers are literally squeezing their brains to make the service as simple as possible for users. However, we constantly have new questions or queries from users.

A person cannot physically respond to all requests throughout the day. But bots are definitely something else, they are easy to program and customize, so they can be used for various purposes. Chatbots are here to make your life easier.

More And More Users Prefer Voice Searches

There has long been much mention about the increase in voice searches, and the need to adapt SEO strategies to this type of search.

The first experiences of the search by voice were not very good, since 90% of the users complained of poor quality. This was because mobile phones or the search engine could not clearly process the sound, because incomprehensible requests appeared.

Today, web development has reached another level. Most services successfully process requests with speech defects, or even unclear words from a child. Voice search is faster and more direct, and is therefore gaining more and more relevance.

Online Maps

Today, GPS is almost always active on phones. It is no secret that Google knows this information and even links users’ photos to the site.

All companies, including e-commerce, will be added to the map. Therefore, with the usual request, there will be a wide variety in front of the user. Today, many companies are not yet linked to Google maps, so they are less popular.

If you look at many Facebook profiles, most of them contain path maps, which makes it easy for the user to get around, and this is exactly what marketers need to pay attention to.

Emotion Analysis

Emotional intelligence has no emotions, and it is not known if it will ever happen. But you can interpret the emotional state through the contents.

When we express our opinions in comments, we often use at least one keyword. And when reviewing a service or product, there will definitely be something like “terrible” or “excellent”.

Therefore, we include the analysis of feelings as a trend of any digital marketing plan for next year.

The process assumes that artificial intelligence studies all the subtleties of human communication, and analyses whether an online publication is positive, negative or neutral.

Many tools can correctly recognize both direct affirmation and satire or irony, marking them accordingly. This will help control the company’s reputation, attitude towards its services and attract more users.

Be First on Facebook Updates

Facebook puts out updates regularly, improving user experience. Every marketer must learn new features that come with Facebook updates. This will ensure your audience gets the avenue to interact with your brand at all times. Keep in mind that Facebook updates could be the source for new Facebook stats beneficial to your brand.

Focus On Video Content

A beautiful image attracts attention faster than text. And if it is also a high quality video of 2 minutes, then there are more chances that your potential viewer will pay attention.

Just how popular is video content on Facebook?

There are 8 billion daily video views on the platform. Users spend three times longer watching live videos than standard uploaded content. 84% of marketers promote videos on Facebook. Facebook Live is now used by 35% of video marketers.Feb 11, 2020

Spam Control

I get more spam than anyone I know Bill Gates.

How often do you clean your email from annoying ads? It is impossible to get rid of this, since sending emails is one of the recent marketing trends.

The problem is that spam is one of the big problems of the Internet today. We really don’t like advertising. But when it’s too much on a site, users don’t want to stay there. The same goes with Facebook ads.

Spam Control

The Future of Facebook Marketing

As the marketing world grows more competitive, it is up to you as a marketer to come up with more inventive and creative ways to generate traffic and sales for your products and services.

The Facebook stats given above are essential for your marketing strategy in 2021. Despite the growing aversion to Facebook, it should not undermine marketing efforts for your brand on Facebook. Determining your target audience and their Facebook stats on usage and income rates will give clarity on viability of Facebook campaigns.

Facebook stats show high presence of high income earners, a factor every marketer smiles about. It would be sad to see your brand exit Facebook and leave behind potential sales and brand growth on the premise of pessimist analysts. The Facebook stats given here will be instrumental in developing a marketing strategy and conquering your own marketing stats in 2021. HipSocial can help you with your social media management and ensure you research more targeted users. Click here to get a free 30-day trial of this powerful social media management tool.

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