Agile CRM, our all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) solution had everything an SMB would need to market and sell like the Fortune 500. It featured components such as sales enablement, marketing automation, and customer service. And one of its most popular functionalities was social listening. We offered social media listening for Twitter. It’s helped our customers protect their brand’s reputation, quickly alleviate customers’ concerns, and more. 

With Agile CRM, our customers quickly started to experience benefits such as increased brand awareness, loyalty, authority, engagement, and efficiency. We’re a customer-focused company. So, once we noticed the extraordinary benefits our customers were experiencing on Twitter, we wanted them to experience the same on other social media platforms. 

Initially, we planned to add more social media management features to Agile CRM. But, because of issues that arose that would’ve ultimately affected our product, HipSocial was born.

The Problem   

Besides social media listening on all their social media platforms, we wanted to see what other social media management functionalities our customers wanted. So, we started interviewing our customers and conducting surveys for social media managers. Some of the answers we received the most were about scheduling their content, so they can stay consistent. And also analyzing their stats for all their social media platforms in one place. They wanted this feature so they can see if their social media marketing strategy was effective. 

After analyzing their answers, we realized that our customers and target audience were looking for more than a few extra features. They wanted a full-fledged social media management software. Now, while we were comfortable with making Agile CRM an all-in-one CRM, we also understood that in doing so potential customers might not take us, CRM software, as a serious contender for their social media management problems. After all, you don’t go to an art gallery when you need help solving a physics problem.

Also, the upkeep that would be required to run and grow an all-in-one CRM and social media management solution, would significantly increase. This would’ve resulted in Agile CRM’s price to increase, which we didn’t want. We wanted to remain a cost-effective solution for our customers. But we also wanted them to have access to a social media management tool that can make their lives easier. 

The Need

Here are some of the primary requirements we had for our customers: 

  1. Helps them stay consistent: Our customers were struggling to maintain consistently on their social media accounts. Because they never had enough time to post when their target audience was active. 
  2. Effective lead generation: They needed a method that’ll help them build up their audience, at a more effective pace than what they were going. 
  3. Didn’t break the bank: They needed a cost-efficient solution that wouldn’t rob them dry because of the functionalities they needed. 
  4. Time-saving automation: Most of our customers wanted to save more time with some form of marketing automation. 
  5. Allowed them to analyze all their reports in one place: The best place for in-depth data about your target audience is your social media platforms’ native analytics. However, our customers wanted to quickly analyze their content without jumping between tabs. 
  6. Social media listening: Our customers also wanted to monitor their brand, competitors, and more without the hassle of continuously switching between accounts. 
  7. Available for all the popular social media platforms: They wanted the option to manage all their social media accounts in one place.

Even equipped with this knowledge, we were still indecisive about how we’ll provide the solution our customers needed. But we started researching other social media management software solutions. We spent hours researching and analyzing what differentiated them from each other. We noticed that they didn’t have all of the functionalities that our customers wanted in a social suite. If they did have most of them, they weren’t cost-efficient. And that was our last straw. 

The Solution

We were no stranger to creating new products when we saw a need in the market. So nothing was stopping us from providing our customers, growing SMBs, the features they wanted at a price they could afford. And that’s when HipSocial was born. So, what is HipSocial? 

HipSocial is a social media management software solution that focuses on lead generation, scheduling content, social listening, and analytics. Lead generation was a popular request from our customers, and we delivered. HipSocial currently allows it’s users to build their audience from scratch on Twitter, based on their criteria. 

For example, if a user wanted to search for Twitter users who’ve previously mentioned their competitors, then they can do it. If they decided to create a Twitter list surrounding those users, they can. Then, they can bulk follow those Twitter users who could potentially become a lead for their business. And it doesn’t have to be your competitors, it can also be any keywords that you feel are relevant to your brand. 

Now with HipSocial’s Smart Finder and automation, you can build your Twitter and LinkedIn following with your target audience. 

HipSocial also allows it’s users to post consistently engaging content for their audiences by scheduling content up to months in advance. And if needed, in a different time zone as well. 

With our social media management software, you can also monitor your brand reputation, competitors, trending topic, and much more. And using this information, you can create content that’s interesting and engaging to your audience. While also protecting your brand from negative comments and concerns. Additionally, you can analyze how your content is performing with reports and URLs tracking.

And since HipSocial is a cloud-based software solution, you can access it anywhere and at any time. With HipSocial, we’re proud to offer the social media management software that allows you to generate leads and manage your social media accounts, like the Fortune 500 companies. Try it today with our 30-day free trial, so you can see for yourself how your growing SMB can benefit from detailed insights into your competitors and target audience!


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