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Social Media Network Integrations

Start creating, scheduling, reporting, analyzing with all your social media accounts directly from HipSocial


Post to your Twitter accounts, monitor social streams, engage with your audience, and analyze reports.

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Monitor your social streams and analyze your channel’s monthly stats.

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Schedule posts that engage with your professional, business-oriented audience and analyze its data.

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Blogging Integrations

Take your blogging to the next level with HipSocial


Schedule engaging blog posts directly from HipSocial and analyze your posts’ monthly stats.

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Other Helpful Integrations

Increase your engagement, monitor your competitors, and more with our HipSocial integrations

RSS Feed

Monitor feeds to help drive your business forward.

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Conduct business searches and gather insight into their hours, location, reviews, and more.

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We’re trying HipSocial for consolidated social media interaction. The team feature is very handy as we have five social media customer success consultants working together with our Sales Director. They all have a simple overview and know what posts are being made. One feature which we also value is timed release to the different platforms as well as the ability to repost after e.g. three months’ time. All in all, I see HipSocial as a platforms for the future when you want to engage on social platforms and still keep the overview.

Christian Bjerre Nielsen

CPO, uQualio


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